Reviewing the Latest Features

By Chris Janota

Now that  the weather has turned the 2012 garage sale season has officially arrived early this year.  If your a new Garage Sale Rover user or havent used it since the fall you probably will notice these additional new features on Rover.

Continual Search

The new green search pin.  This is our favorite new feature and it is available on the free and paid versions versions of Rover.  Just enter any keyword phrase into the search box and sales with matching results get a green pin.  And the best part of this is that you can leave the keywords in memory.  We call it “continual search.”  For example if you enter and leave the phrase “lego ninjago” in the search box, everytime you launch the app  green pins will appear if you score any Lego Ninjago results in your area. 

When you upgrade Garage Sale Rover to our $3.99 version you will receive these new features:

Route Optimization

For iPhone/iPad users Route Optimization is a newly added feature.   With the price of gasoline the benefit of this feature easily justifies upgrading your app.  Route Optimization resequences the order of your saved sales and plans the shortest driving distance for you.


Enter your special notes, sale start times, or high priority notes here.  These memos can be viewed in your Saved Sales page and in the location bubble.


My Location Blue Dot

This feature marks your current location by GPS and continually stays on as you travel.  We leave this feature off the free version.  The upgrade version it can be turned on or off.   To conserve your battery life we don’t recommend using this feature constantly.  Additionally, navigating to sales by guiding yourself with the moving blue dot can take your attention away from your driving and can be dangerous.  For the safest and most efficient navigation we recommend using the voice guided  turn-by-turn directions by Google on Android and by MotionX on iPhone/iPad.

Post a Sale

Want to add additional sales to Rover that were missed?  The fastest way to add sales is from our website but we also offer posting from the app.


2 thoughts on “Reviewing the Latest Features

  1. You need to work with Craigslist to see about having them add specific fields for their garage sale ads that have the actual date and time fields they are happening rather than just in the text field somewhere. Too often, it shows sales that are not even happening for a couple of weeks simply because somebody put a sale in 2 weeks in advance. You have a great thing here, just wish EVERYONE would use the app and add to Craigslist all sales. You need to charge for the app and promote it via advertising. I would gladly pay for this app if it would be used more widely. Keep it up!!!!

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