Adding Additional Sales to Rover

Sometimes Rover misses sales and they may be left off the Garage Sale Rover map.  Whether your an avid garage saler looking to make your complete garage sale route or you represent a classified business or newspaper and want more exposure for your ads, we developed a number of ways for your convenience to supplement additional sales to Rover.

Express Form This is the fastest way available anywhere to map garage sales!  With your desktop computer, complete our Map a Sale form for each sale you wish to add. Our smart parser can filter out the date and address data from the body of your ad.  In the form below you see several fields.  But only three are required: Description, City and State.  It takes just a few clicks (copy, paste, confirm) to add your sale.

File Upload We accept tab delimited or XML file uploads of sales.  Just register and we will give you step-by-step instructions how to create and upload your file. This method is best if you plan to upload a large amount of sales regularly and are comfortable working with spreadsheets or databases.

Mobile Upload Upload sales from your mobile device.  Available within the iPhone Gargage Sale Rover upgrade or the Android Rover Poster App.

We give you all these uploading options to make it as convenient and fast as possible to contribute and share sales with others.All sales you sucessfully upload will appear on the Garage Sale Rover mobile app and will be available for ALL users to see. Your sales will appear on all app versions with a unique gray Rover pin and be available for route planing.


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