Zaarly and Rumgr mobile garage sale apps

By Chris Janota,

Have you tried these new “garage sale” apps?

Zaarly has landed 14Mil seed funding and high profile investor Meg Whitman – former eBay chief executive. 

Rumgr recently launched on the Iphone with big funding and have created sort of a splash in tech circles

Both apps are a location based marketplaces not actually “garage sale” mapping apps as my Garage Sale Rover is.  So their “garage sale” label is perhaps a misnomer.  They’re as easy as taking a picture, and your item is for sale to everyone around you.  The apps are definitely easier to use than Craigslist, for both sellers and buyers. The former need only snap a pic of the item they want to sell and upload it, then in theory just sit back and wait for offers to roll in.  Rumgr is now available in limited markets.  LA, SF, Texas, and New York.  In Minneapolis when i launched it, i got message “waiting for internet connection.”  My connect was good.

Zaarly appears to be available in all US Markets.  I was able to log in with my Facebook account and found a few items available for sale in my hood. 

I can’t help wondering, even in the markets where it has officially launched and gained some traction, how a new Craigslist alternative could be successful even if it has a intriguing mobile angle about it.  You always have the chicken and egg new market obstacle.  Buyers want to go where the sellers are.  Sellers want to go where the buyers are. Especially since all this all this new mobile classified service enthusiasm is diluted between zaarly, Rumgr, and some other players EggDrop and Yardsale.


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