New Project Aims To Add Mobility and High-Tech To Antiques Appraisal

By Chris Janota

As a frequent garage saler i am often unclear of the value of some of the antique artifact i scan over. When you’re dealing with jewelry and other high-end baubles, the value depends quite a bit on hallmarks, mint marks, and quality notes. This project, called Info-Snap, aims to improve the process of assessing hallmarks in the wild, making anyone a junior antiques detective.

The system works  for smartphone owners – you simply take a picture of a hallmark and the system will look it up for you in its wiki style collectors database that catagorizes codes to identify new classes of antiques and collectables.

The concept is currently an incubator concept with IdeasProject and there’s no guarantee that it will ever see the light of day but it definitely would bring a bit of control back to the antiques business. Garage salers currently depend on ebay look ups and at best the word of a number of experts who, when they’re good, are prohibitively expensive to hire and when they’re bad will cost you too little or too much when they misvalue your items. Info-Snap lets everyone be a little bit smarter about the detritus of years past.

Reviewing the Latest Features

By Chris Janota

Now that  the weather has turned the 2012 garage sale season has officially arrived early this year.  If your a new Garage Sale Rover user or havent used it since the fall you probably will notice these additional new features on Rover.

Continual Search

The new green search pin.  This is our favorite new feature and it is available on the free and paid versions versions of Rover.  Just enter any keyword phrase into the search box and sales with matching results get a green pin.  And the best part of this is that you can leave the keywords in memory.  We call it “continual search.”  For example if you enter and leave the phrase “lego ninjago” in the search box, everytime you launch the app  green pins will appear if you score any Lego Ninjago results in your area. 

When you upgrade Garage Sale Rover to our $3.99 version you will receive these new features:

Route Optimization

For iPhone/iPad users Route Optimization is a newly added feature.   With the price of gasoline the benefit of this feature easily justifies upgrading your app.  Route Optimization resequences the order of your saved sales and plans the shortest driving distance for you.


Enter your special notes, sale start times, or high priority notes here.  These memos can be viewed in your Saved Sales page and in the location bubble.


My Location Blue Dot

This feature marks your current location by GPS and continually stays on as you travel.  We leave this feature off the free version.  The upgrade version it can be turned on or off.   To conserve your battery life we don’t recommend using this feature constantly.  Additionally, navigating to sales by guiding yourself with the moving blue dot can take your attention away from your driving and can be dangerous.  For the safest and most efficient navigation we recommend using the voice guided  turn-by-turn directions by Google on Android and by MotionX on iPhone/iPad.

Post a Sale

Want to add additional sales to Rover that were missed?  The fastest way to add sales is from our website but we also offer posting from the app.

Adding Additional Sales to Rover

Sometimes Rover misses sales and they may be left off the Garage Sale Rover map.  Whether your an avid garage saler looking to make your complete garage sale route or you represent a classified business or newspaper and want more exposure for your ads, we developed a number of ways for your convenience to supplement additional sales to Rover.

Express Form This is the fastest way available anywhere to map garage sales!  With your desktop computer, complete our Map a Sale form for each sale you wish to add. Our smart parser can filter out the date and address data from the body of your ad.  In the form below you see several fields.  But only three are required: Description, City and State.  It takes just a few clicks (copy, paste, confirm) to add your sale.

File Upload We accept tab delimited or XML file uploads of sales.  Just register and we will give you step-by-step instructions how to create and upload your file. This method is best if you plan to upload a large amount of sales regularly and are comfortable working with spreadsheets or databases.

Mobile Upload Upload sales from your mobile device.  Available within the iPhone Gargage Sale Rover upgrade or the Android Rover Poster App.

We give you all these uploading options to make it as convenient and fast as possible to contribute and share sales with others.All sales you sucessfully upload will appear on the Garage Sale Rover mobile app and will be available for ALL users to see. Your sales will appear on all app versions with a unique gray Rover pin and be available for route planing.

Bugs? Troubleshooting Instructions here.

For a complete list of troubleshooting instructions for Rover click here.

Were getting numerous comments that the Saved Sales are not remaining in memory on our iPhone app.  So for some users when the app is closed and reopened the saved sales you had in memory are lost.  If this is happening to you the fix is:

1) Uninstall the Rover app,

2) Restart your iPhone,

3) Redownload Rover from the App Store.


If you have the upgraded $3.99 version you may be initially asked to pay again but in the next checkout step will not have to pay again.

Having any other issues?  Contact us at






A Garage Saler… A Conservationist

By Chris Janota, Garage Sale Rover

Typical environmental clichés:

    Reduce,   Reuse,   Recycle

    Hug a tree       Save the planet

    Give a hoot,  don’t pollute.

Platitudes you hear again and again.  But do they mean anything to you?

Our carbon footprint is determined by the decisions we make everyday and if you are an active garage saler, then I salute you because of the positive impact your making whether its important to you or not.   Money may be your conscious qualifying reason to take up the garage sale pastime but I am suggesting that the positive effect of your actions may have subconsciously driven you to garage sale a little more enthusiastically and pushed your garage sale game up a level?   I am hereby giving myself credit that it has.  I’m a long time garage saler, a thrifter, a reseller, an eBay power seller… and now Garage Sale Rover developer.  But I never actually self declared I was a conservationist.  But when I delve into these conservation numbers this helps me comprehend the impact a little more.  

Giving a garage sale item as common as a t-shirt a second life can have a surprising impact.

256 Gallons of Water = One T-shirt.

Cotton, a natural alternative and one of the most popular and versatile fibers in use, offers no solution in terms of environmental impact. To grow the cotton to make just one T-shirt requires 256 gallons of water according to the California Cotton Ginners and Growers Association.  The cost in water to produce the cotton for a single pair of jeans is around 957 gallons. Moreover, conventionally grown cotton is notoriously vulnerable to pests, demanding more insecticide use than any other single crop.

And that’s just one t-shirt.

Uploading City Wide Garage Sales

By Chris Janota, Navigation App

Are you organizing your city wide or neighborhood garage sale?  We can help! We strive to make it as easy and fast as possible to get your sales mapped and appearing on the Garage Sale Rover mobile app.

There are no hidden fees.  It’s free to upload and map as many sales as you like.  It’s free for users to download our app.

All the sales you upload will appear on our Android and iPhone apps.  Your sales will stand out from the rest of the sales with a unique gray pin.

You can submit sales individually at  If you prefer to bulk upload a tab delimited file please register here or email us at  See a demo of the Garage Sale Rover app here.

The New Green Search Pin

Introducing a new feature bound to make your garage saling experience even more productive. Searching for any keyword string will activate the green pin on your map.  Permenantly leave the search string in Rover’s memory to make a constant search so everytime you launch the app the green pins representing your favorite keywords will be there staring at you.

Have you tried it out yet?  What are your favorite keywords you leave in search?

The Future of Garage Sales

By Chris Janota, Navigation App

There is a perfect storm setting for mobile garage sale applications.  The experience for avid “professional” garage salers and  just causual “saturday morning salers” is about to change.  The tools used and the time spent preparing a route attack is suddenly becoming easier opening the door for more entreprenial opportunities and more opportunities for garage sale fun.  Three big trends are changing the landscape.  We have a growing trend of thrift.  We’re coming off a 20-year boom in which consumers filled ever-bigger houses. Now people need cash because of the bust.  And buyers are searching for garage sales to make their dollars stretch further.  High unenployement is fueling an resale boom where entrpreniers are makiing a living buying garage sale merchandise and resaling it for profit.

We have a growing trend of recycling.  There is a growing awareness garage sales can be good for the environment because it’s making someone else’s trash another person’s treasure… and keeping it out of the landfills at the same time. Garage sales are just another form of recycling with a different culture to it. And helps make some extra cash on the side.

We have a growing trend of mobile computing.  According to Google CEO Steve Schmidt the future of computing is mobile.  Schmidt says that businesses should have their best developers working on their mobile applications. The successful launch and growth of the iPhone and Android phones have created an entirely new and largely blank canvas for garage sale application features.  These devices offer new native services and OS-specific features (location, multi-touch UI, local media, wireless networking APIs, cameras, offline) that are giving birth to a growing list of app feature possibilities.

Where the garage saling ecomony and technology meet is where Navigational App stands.  Navigational App  provides serious garage sale entreprenials or causual “saturday morning salers” GPS turn-by-turn navigation for garage sales and simple product search.  Easy route planning functioanity and garage sale  “in range” alerts are more upcoming features.   We focus on garage sale and mobile technology so you may focus on providing local content.

How Can Navigation App Help Your Newspaper?

How Can Navigation App Help Your Newspaper?

By Chris Janota, Navigation App

Have concerns trying to promote  your mobile news website and trying to make it more relevent to readers and advertisers? Leverage your garage sale listings to help build a mobile presence and attracting more readers.   Your mobile news suddenly becomes more valuable to readers when your mobile garage sale map app becomes downloadable from your mobile news site.  Build cross traffic by sending your mobile news readers to your new garage sale map app.  Users of your app can be drawn back into your mobile news site through links within the app.