Mystery Donation Made to Goodwill

A Goodwill warehouse in western New York State has received a piece of pottery with a note saying it may be of prehistoric originGoodwill donation. The 7.5-inch tall vessel, with a “fluted opening and wartlike protrusions” arrived with a pencil-scrawled note saying it was “Found in a burial mound near Spiro Oklahoma in 1970.” The piece, which briefly appeared on Goodwill’s online auction site, receiving a bargain bid of $4.99 before the sale was halted, was dropped off anonymously. If verified, the piece will be duly sent to Spiro Mounds in eastern Oklahoma, an archaeological site inhabited by Native Americans for some nine millennia.

I just looked up “ancient artifact” in Garage Sale Rover. No results found.  Ill have to try again next week.


3 thoughts on “Mystery Donation Made to Goodwill

  1. Wow! Very interesting… You should google it or try searching at then history type library… Don’t sell it you might just discover it’s mistery…. Good luck to you make this project, and if you like post it’s discovery on utube ..

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