The Garage Sale Rainout

Chris Janota, Garage Sale Rover

Yesterday the rain showers got the best of the garage sale plans across most of the country. Here in St. Paul I had sales dotted all over my Garage Sale Rover map but I retreated with my ambitious route plan and stopped at two nearby church sales, making a safe bet.

This got me thinking later, could this have been a missed opportunity to sniff out bargains?  Will many of these planned garage sales be canceled or postponed due to the bad weather?  No doubt much preparation and advertising  have been invested in their yard sale so it is in a hosts best interest to go forward. Rarely do garage sales get cancelled.  Unless tornadoes, severe thunderstorms or hail are predicted, and predicted with certainty, there may not be a better plan of action for them.

Should your treasure hunting plans be impacted by weather?  Is it worth it to simply put on boots and raincoats and take advantage of those garage sales that are open?  No doubt most casual garage sale shoppers, the browsers (the ones who melt in the rain, the oh so “Wicked Witch” of the land of Oz, not really, but the image is oh so Kansan!) will stay home until the skies are more blue and less cloudy.  In my more aggressive garage saling days I found a rainout would create a royal treasure seeking opportunities!  And garage sale hosts are ready to accept almost any offer before deciding to call it off.  It’s a great time to pull out a “Ill buy it all for $$,”  or ”If I buy these will you throw in these two?”  Its not about taking advantage of sellers– it’s about staying ahead of your competition ( Other dealers looking for the same thing as you) and giving sellers an option before packing it up. The tips you find listing on the Yard Sale Shark have extra impact.

But just maybe the biggest benefactors in a rainout are thrift stores.  Garage salers shoppers head indoors to the safe warm dry space of the thrift store.  And hosts perhaps dispirited by the response of their sale pack it in and run for the donation center.  Lines to my local Goodwill donation center is backed up today.


2 thoughts on “The Garage Sale Rainout

  1. of coarse they could always close the garage, park the car in the driveway for a week and try it again next saturday,

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