The Most Under Used, But Powerful Feature on Rover

If there is one feature Garage Sale Rover offers that is overlooked and under used it is Map-a-Sale found on our website.  Map-a- Sale allows a user to quickly add additional sales to the app when they are not included in our database.  Supplementing the map with sales from other sources can help you plan your complete route and is a great contribution to the garage sale community.

Adding a sale requires a simple copy, paste, preview, confirm. Then presto! Your sale is added to the database and will appear on the app.  Several sales can be added in just a minute.  The magic of the form is in the parsing of the address and date of the sale.  That data is parsed out of the body of the ad for you so fewer fields are required for entry.

See it in action in this 1 minute tutorial:

Steps: To Map your sale just go Reduce the size of your Map-a-Sale window so it appears along side the window you are obtain garage sale data from. Simply copy the data from your source and paste it into Map-A-Sale.
Most of the fields are optional.  Only Description and City are required.  The form will parse the date and location data from the Description


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